Casino Dice Games

Games that involve throwing a dice are very popular in gambling. Its frequency is very high, so there could be plenty of turns as well as the possibilities of for winning. Most of casino dice games are very simple and can be learnt very quickly.

More importantly, not every game is widespread as some of these games may be popular in one part of the world or society as well as not to be known at all in the other. Virtually any game with a dice can be found online but it is also depended on casino type and where its targeted clients live.

What dice games are offered at casinos?

As it has been mentioned before there are lots of different casino dice games that can be found in real casinos like in Las Vegas as well as online. Here is what usually may be found:

  • Craps is the most popular craps game in the world. Players throw dices and bet on the table either against the casino or the other player. There are varieties of different craps types that can be found.
  • Hazard is very similar to craps and has been found in England many centuries ago. The rules are very similar to craps and the game can still be found in Western casinos nowadays.
  • Chuck-A-Luck is one of the most popular dice casino games that initially was found in Australia. A dice marked from 1 to 6 is rolled inside a cage and bets are made on the number that will appear at the end.
  • Klondike is a casino game primarily played in America. It involves five dices to make the bets on. It can be found in lots of online casinos.
  • Banca Francesca is a casino game that involves three dices to make the bets. Its rules are very similar to Baccarat and are very popular at Portuguese casinos.
  • Sic Bo is a casino dice game, which can be interpreted from Chinese as dice pair. However the game involves three dices as well as the game is very popular at Asian casinos.

There are also quite a few other games that can be found but the above stated are the most popular.

How to play dice games at casinos?

Each casino dice game has specific rules and unlike craps table, its majority does not have very distinctive table layout. Most of the times the bets are made on the number that appears on a throw dice or dices. The bets are made against other players or against a casino itself.

The rules are very specific and even craps has different varieties such as:

  • Crapless craps
  • New York craps
  • Simplified craps
  • High point craps
  • Scarney craps
  • Die rich craps

The rules of the above mentioned craps games are different so on the question of how to play casino dice in these games, the answer will be very simple – specific rules must be learnt first. If this is not the case a crucial mistake can be made, so players always have to be aware whet rules are apply to a specific game. This is particularly important and applicable to games that are popular only in certain parts of the world.

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