How to Play Dice Games at Online Casinos

Modern gambling platforms offer a wide variety of games in their large gaming collections. There are several categories, including slots, card games, instant play games, roulette and others. There is a special place for Dice, since this is a game has simple rules and interesting gameplay. You will not find many versions of Dice – Craps and Sic Bo are the most prominent representatives. You will be able to play the live dealer version of Dice in online casino bonus.

In addition, since recent times, you can place bets on the crypto version of Dice available in some blockchain casinos.

Dice Casino – Historical Background

Before we talk about how to play Dice, let’s look at the history of this game. The opportunity to play Dice online appeared just recently, since this game became available with the advent of the first online gambling establishments.

If Herodotus was right, the Lydians came up with this game – this was during the time of King Atis. However, archaeological finds disprove this theory. Ancient tribes used bones to draw. In more developed European and Asian civilizations, prototypes of modern dice games were born.

It is interesting to know that ancient people believed that the dices fell as the gods ordered them to. It was only in the 16th century that famous Italian scientists subjected the dice game to mathematical analysis in attempt to predict the likely outcomes of game rounds. So, various strategies were created that increase the mathematical advantage of players over the house.


Popular Casino Dice Games

Craps is the most popular dice game at online casinos. So, let’s look at how to play Craps dice at online casinos. You have to predict the number that the dice will show being on table, make the appropriate bet and roll the dice. The game consists of two stages:

  • Come Out Roll – you expect the bones to show a number between 4 and 10. If so, the second stage will be started. When 2, 3 or 12 appears, dealer announces player loss.
  • Point Roll. You will win if dice show the Point which is a winning number. The appearance of the number 7 is a losing scenario.

As for Sic Bo, another popular dice game, you can choose between a large number of available bets – Small/Big, number, Double, Triple and others. If you do not know how to play dice, you should be careful when choosing a bet size, since for example bets on 9, 12 or Double give an 18% advantage to the house. Big and Small bets are the best options.

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